When not being used in a knitting project, the possibilities for Yarn Stashio Hand Beaded Stitch Markers as jewelry are endless. Please send us your photos!



Yarn Stashio Hand Beaded Stitch Markers as Jewelry

Kaylyn in Purple Mist Runway ScarfMy daughter, Kaylyn, is the real beader in the family. I think it takes the eyes of an 11 year old just to find the holes in the beads, if you know what I mean. All of the "Designs by Kaylyn" are made by her. I dream in yarn and she dreams in beads. It is great to have found a way to team up and bring beads into the fiber arts world.

Kaylyn was adopted from China in January of 1997. She was a gift from God for which we are eternally grateful. We can not imagine a day without her in it, or our lives without her. She makes our family complete. She is home schooled by me in the mornings and works by my side as the best assistant anyone could hope to have.

"Designs by Kaylyn" is her business. It is not only part of her home school activities, it is an opportunity for her to learn about the world of business, the cost of materials, time and the joys of creating a product that brings beauty into someone's life. Ten percent of her profits go to support missionaries around the world, fifity percent goes into long term savings and the remaining forty percent is hers to spend in anyway she desires.

Brown and Gold Stitch Markers as a Shawl PinKaylyn will be creating all of the Yarn Stashio bead items, as well as the custom dangles called out for in various Yarn Stashio original designs. She is more than willing to work with you to create any custom jewelry that you may desire to coordinate with the Yarn Stashio Colorway of your choice. Please email us at yarnstashio@aol.com with any custom requests you may have.

Well, now that you know a little about Kaylyn. We wanted to share with you some ideas she has come up using the Yarn Stashio Stitch Markers as jewelry, when they are not being used in your latest project. You may love these so much, that you will want to buy them as jewelry first and stitch markers second!
Pink Stitch Markers Necklace and Earring Set





This set of clear square glass beads with embossed floral design and coordinating heart bead is shown on an 18" sterling silver chain necklace with pierced earring wires.




Black Stitch Marker Necklace and Earring Set





This set is shown using a reasonably priced black choker necklace and pierced earring wires.






Moss Rose Beaded Dangles


Three examples of the beaded dangles that were used on the Isosceles Wrap in the Moss Rose Colorway that was custom designed and knit for Jackie in Woodland Hills, CA, an awesome Yarn Stashio customer and dear friend.



These photos are only the beginning. The possibilities are endless. The Yarn Stashio Stitch Markers could be put on felted hats, purses, shawls, sweaters, jackets, coats and so much more.

We hope you decide to trust several of your next projects to Yarn Stashio Hand Beaded items as well as our yarns. It would be our pleasure to serve you.

Kristine and Kaylyn Strange